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Replacement Sofa Cushions

Sofa cushions replaced

Wellmans Fibre Wrapped foam core(Not to be confused with a foam cushion with a dacron wrap) Usage: Seats

A bulbous cushion with a removable foam core, inside a fibre, filled jacket, these ultimate cushions are ideally suited to seating. They give the best sit by combining fillings to make best use of their natural characteristics. This range also enables ease of maintenance in that a minimal need for plumping is required. This option is also an ideal alternative to feather allergy sufferers

Fibre wrapped foam core scatter back cushions

Many new sofas come with scatter back cushions these days but are they really fit for purpose?. We don't think so, they constantly need plumping up and look untidy. So, If your fed up constantly plumping up you scatter back cushions, we have the answer. This cushion will always spring back to it's original shape. Ask for details

Conjugate Fibre Fillings. Hollow Fibre. Usage Backs

Hollow fibre will give a degree of durability. Although hollow fibres can be used for seats we do not recommend them unless supported with foam. However, this option is ideal for back cushions and is a suitable alternative to feather allergy sufferers. Choose between a corovin or calico case.

Hollow Fibre Scatter Cushions.

Hollow fibre scatters come in all sizes and a choice of rectangular, oblong, round & heart shapes and are finished in a corovin case.


fibre back cushions
Fibre back cushions
any shape or size
Soft luxurious feel


Feather Wrapped/Reflex Foam Core

DeQuilled Duck Feather

Fibre Wrap/Foam Cores

Qualofill Fusion Fibre (Seating)

Hollow Fibre (Backs)

Reflex Foams

Reflex Foam Dacron Wrapped

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